When Life Gives You Lemons.....

These days seem to drift into one another. Not really ending, not really starting. We are just
riding the hour hand on the clock. But if you're like me, I suppose you're keeping busy.
Trying to find the blessings in disguise. There are so many. Believe me, my list is long.
If you look deep enough you'll find your blessings too.

These days have brought back the old times for me. When I was a stay at home mom.
I had missed these days. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working. It's just that I was a mom first.
And being home with my kids
will always hold a special place in my heart. Those impromptu picnic's on the lawn, the messy
painting crafts, the "lets bake some cookies" at 10 am. I missed those. I am thankful
that God let me visit these moments again.
We are also organizing and organizing some more.
 Every closet and cabinet have been turned inside out.
Feels good to do things that we don't make time for anymore. It has reminded me that I do have the time.
I just need to carve it out. I've visited some old pastime friends, such and bible studying, crafting, and writing in a journal.

I am thankful for these slower days. Not having anything to say except a prayer as made the bad news bearable.
I hope these days have brought back some sweet memories for you. I hope that they have brought you to more prayers and kind words.
And I hope that you are still living, in spite of the current state of the world.
Be sure to call your grandma's and grandpa's and aunts and uncles. I am praying for all my readers and the world.
XO, Netra

Add frozen fruit to your lemonade, homemade or store bought. Its so good.