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Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone | 5 Items Every Mom Needs In Her Closet

As  I hit 30 last year I realized I wasn't as old as I thought. LOL. I dreaded 30 so much. I felt like I was supposed to be this older woman with a different view on life and super strict and never have fun. Cause lets face it, fun was for my twenties. Right? Wrong. I was so wrong. 30 didn't have to mean "old". Now approaching 31, I feel younger than ever.  Since being in this "old" woman mind set I thought for sure that I was too old to be wearing ripped jeans and other trendy items. So, I despised them. Until I saw a few ladies my age and beyond on Instagram wearing them and I thought, "yup, I'm going to wear ripped jeans too"! I watched a DIY video and got out some jeans that were too big for me and I altered them. They are too cute. So, I feel like I should totally step out side of my comfort zone and live a little on the edge, I said a little. I'm still a vintage girl at heart.

Here I am in my new "hip" ripped jeans and a l…