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How to Stay Positive by Showing Love to Others | Easy DIY | Gift Ideas

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” — Maya Angelou
Sometimes, we find ourselves in a slump and we don't know why. We can also allow the moods of others to bring us down. In return we unleash that negativity on others. And so, the cycle continues.  I believe in the power of giving. Giving of time, smiles, kind words a gift maybe.  I also understand that sometimes we may not have the money to give actual gifts. Like myself. Being self employed I don't always have the extra funds. So, I am a giver of things that I make with my hands. Which I need to do more of. I have taken a seat back at doing this. Thinking that the receiver may not like it. But sometimes, God puts us in the position to give, for His glory. You just never know who may need to experience a wave a God's love through us. And in doing so we create another aspect of positive vibes in our lives and into the world. 
Here are some Ideas that you can try to brighten someones day.