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How to Stay Positive by Adapting a Healthier Lifestyle | How To Lose 35 Lbs

We all hear and read about how people feel wonderful after they have had a wonderful workout session or after a nice bike ride or walk. Some think its a myth. Like, how can you feel energized and happier after you've just broke a sweat, after your legs feel like jello from squatting, after you've almost vomited from pushing yourself? I am here to tell you that the myth is actually true. Yup. I can tell you from personal experience that I have felt like moving mountains after a good workout. After experiencing my first "high" from a walk of about a mile (cause that's about all I could do) I wanted to keep at it. I wanted to see if I could go longer and feel even better. In doing so I lost 35 lbs and now I can walk for hours and even run too. I gained an abundance of positive vibes mentally. About life, about myself. I started to love my body rather than hate it. Incorporating better eating habits and moving a little more in your day is going to be so beneficial y…