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How to Stay Positive by Taking Care of "Self" This Summer

This past Spring I did something that I hardly ever do. I took care of my mind. I took care of me. A little. As a mom, we put so much into making sure the kids are alright that we forget to be an actual human ourselves. Even though I started simple tasks to keep my mind in [almost] perfect peace, I wanted to keep up during the simmer. Which we all know can be a bustle to survive the heat and keep the kiddos occupied.

I have made a promise to myself to keep up with my mental growth and physical health. You can totally join me. I wrote down 7 practices that I have been doing that make me happy and bring positive vibes to my life. Some that I may slack up with from time to time, some that I just want to do.  Write down 7 things that you'd like to do, or like to continue to do and make a better habit of them. We are not turning away from helping others, but we can't pour from empty cups.

Here are my 7.

1. Reading. I recently got "The Girl on The Train". I am very into …