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How to Take Devotional Notes in a Bullet Journal

I try to start each day as positive as possible. It sets me up to have a wonderful day and week. The one thing that shoots joy through my veins is Reading a Devotional and some scriptures from the bible.
No, it doesn't get me brownie points with the good Lord. But it gives me peace of mind and a foundation to be the best me I can be that day, no matter what.
I am a creator at heart so I wanted to document and create with the devotionals and scriptures from that week.
Here are some tips and ways to start doing this yourself in a Bullet Journal style.
First you need a journal. There are plenty to choose from. has alot. And if you are an Amazon lover (like myself) there are some there too.

Here is how I have set a page to add devotional notes and scriptures.

I just used stickers and ephemera. So easy to use and stick anywhere for a little bit of decoration.  This is just a jumping off point for beginners and those who may not already be into crafting.  I hope you all enj…