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Have you heard "Show that you can be faithful over the little things, and God will make you ruler over bigger things"? As a young adult a didn't really care for my spaces as much as I should have. I didn't clean as often as I should have. I didn't show God that I was grateful for my home. In 2016 we didn't have a home. We were blessed to be able to stay with family in this chapter of our lives. Which I am still in shock at Gods mercy on this situation. I will have to tell you that story soon.  During this time I learned to care for everything I had. I learned how to be even more grateful than I thought I already was. And I became this cleaning fanatic. I realized that I didn't have to have a roof over my head, so many don't, and since being blessed with out new home I vowed that I will always take care of what ever God gives me. In doing so I am able to keep my positive vibes flowing.  Today I am sharing my cleaning must haves, cleaning routine, and giving you the 411 on some things that you may even forget to clean.

First off. I like to clean one level each day. So, Monday's I start off with the living room and dinning room area. I clean every surface in these room. Floors, fireplace, vacuum, tables, sofas.  Everything.
I even clean the Window seals. Which is  one thing you may be forgetting to wipe down. I just use an all purpose cleaner and micro fiber cloth.

Next, we have the kitchen. Now the kitchen gets cleaned every night of course. But on Tuesdays I like to clean the cabinet doors and knobs, the oven, the fridge, the range hood in the cracks and small places that crumbs can hide. I even clean the baseboards and the portion of the floor that meets the cabinets. It can get so grimy if you forget about it. I like to use a tub and tile cleaner and my turbo scrub brush.
Wednesday, I head upstairs and focus on the hallway and the master bed room. In the hall I dust the walls and baseboards, I wipe all surfaces that are touched. In the master I do the same thing. Everything gets wiped down, I put things back in place as far the closets go and the bathroom gets cleaned. Again. The shower as well.  I even Wipe the doors. Another place that you may forget to clean. I have kids so, finger prints are part of the life. Also dust can live in the textures and can look bad over time.

By Thursday, I clean the steps (all the railings too), the laundry room, and all glass surfaces on the front and back doors. I also do lots and lots of laundry. Well, I fold it. Its been done for a few days LOL. I slack too.
I dust the Fans and vent covers in the rooms. I use to forget about these until the dust was visible, not now. Did you know that dust can hold odor?

On Fridays I do a quick wipe down of all surfaces down stairs and I mop all the wood and tile. I tend to mop the kitchen a few times during the week at night. But I do the wood floors on Friday's because they are not high traffic areas. Since these tasks are easy I pick an area to organize and purge. Its mostly a cabinet or drawer in the kitchen. But just pick one. You'll feel so much better.

Now, I clean the bathrooms a few times a week, if not everyday. You never know when guest will pop up and need to use the bathroom. So, I like to make sure they are always tidy. I also vacuum several times a week and freshen the carpets. 
 I think a clean house helps keep down our stress levels and overall negative vibes. So, I try to stay on it. The more you do the easier and faster it'll be and more time you can spend  enjoying yourself and loved ones. 

My favorite place to get "clean" cleaning products is Grove Collaborative. They carry all the best non harsh chemical supplies. They are affordable and you get 5 Free Products from Mrs. Myers with your first purchase. Click HERE. They also have skin care and paper goods too. Something for the entire house. Be Sure to check them out.

I have listed a few of my favorites down below. And you can click HERE to see my most used  household items for cleaning.
Thanks for spending a few moments with me today. I hope to have inspired you in some way. Let me know what your favorite house hold products are? 


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