How To Stay Positive by Changing What You're Listening To | Best Podcasts For Positivity

I believe that our attitude in the start of the day will be the set up for the rest of our day. How are you starting your day off? Is it started off  by a horrid sounding alarm? A negative news report? Screaming to the kids to get up because you are late? I would hope that you've woken up to something pleasant. Something uplifting. You may say to yourself "that's not realistic". It could be. It should be.  I think we should all be changing what we are listening to in the start of our day and throughout the day. Below are my favorite Podcasts to listen to. And a YouTube Channel.

These podcasts have all given me a push to shoot for my dreams, some let me know that as a mom, I am not alone, God loves me no matter what. They all teach something and uplift me through the day. They give interviews of people that never gave up on their dreams or goals. Pep Talks and more.
In no particular order I've linked my current listening party.

1. Joyce Myer Ministries TV
2. The Lively Show
3. Strategy Hour
4. The Goal Digger Podcast
5. The Influencer Podcast
6. The GaryVee Audio Experience
7. Creative Empire
8. Boss Mom Podcast
9. Risen Motherhood
10. Mommy Millionaire
11. Journey Women
12. Joel Osteen
13. How I Built This
14. God Centered Mom
15. Friends of a Feather
16. Fohr Casts
17. Don't Keep Your Day Job
18. Bossgirl Creative
19. A Podcast for Creatives
20. Be Inspired on Youtube 

You see, we should all be mindful of the words that we say to others and the ones we are putting in our own spirits. Listen to upbeat positive things throughout your day. It will be a huge wave of positivity that you may be needing. These have surely helped me out.
So, what are some uplifting or positive things you listen to? A radio station perhaps?  I'd love to chat in the comments. As always thanks for spending a few moments with me today.