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Does anyone else like home improvement shows? I know I do. I love HGTV and that's basically all the TV I watch. After my Husband and I recently purchased our home I was so excited to be able to paint without getting permission from the landlord! Although perfect as is,  I wanted to add new flooring and make some windows bigger. I even want to gut the master bathroom. I had to catch my breath and hold my horses cause all hubby saw was $$$ LOL

So, I figured we'd start small. There are some things that we could do that wont break the bank while still adding a little pizazz.

Here are some easy and fun ways to improve your home on a budget.

1. Get New Door Knobs

2. Upgrade Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 

3. Paint a Room
4. Floating Shelves 

5. Re-Grout Tile. I found a tutorial on Home Depot that is easy to follow. Click HERE

6.Get New House Numbers  

7. Bathroom Hardware 

8. Window Treatments
9. Plant Flowers.
10. New Garage Door Hardware

Although this list could get longer as I ponder, I think this is a well rounded list of small projects that you can do to have a little fun with home decorating. Let me know what your favorite is from this list. We are totally getting New House Numbers. I love the ones I linked above. Thanks for spending a few moments with me today.


  1. Yes, it is the little things that can make a major impact!! Congrats on your home!

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