10 Ways to Use a Journal

It doesn't matter if you grew up in the 90's or the 60's you've probably kept a journal or diary at some point. Am I right? I had a few myself. As an adult I still keep a journal. I may or may not have at least 5.  Sometimes its a great way to relax or get creative. I have explored a few ways to use a journal that's beneficial to me as an adult and I'm going to share those with you.

1. Write about your day. Such an effortless way to pass time and review life.
2. Write daily scriptures/bible study notes. There are several apps that you can use that give daily scriptures. I like the YouVersion  app. You can write down those suggestions and start a bible study plan based on something that's specific to your needs.A wonderful way to start the day.
If you are looking for a devotional or bible study click HERE for my Devotional Guide.
3. Add pictures/make a scrapbook. I am a scrapbooker by heart. So I think this one is an easier task. However you may not be and that's okay. You don't even have to decorate the pages. Just add a photo and write about the memory. It will be something you'll enjoy for years to come.
For a quick guide on how to start memory keeping click HERE

4. Write down recipes that you'd like to try. I have a few hundred recipes on my Pinterest boards. I'm sure you do too, we can use a small notebook or journal to write them down. Put them on paper finally. We may even make a few of them LOL 

5. Plan future trips. Travel has become very important to me lately. I like the idea of finding the hotel that you'd like to stay in, the cost of flights and things to do in the area before actually going on the trip. It can really help bring traveling plans to reality and would be fun to have something to look forward to.

6. Writing down prayers for yourself and others. Prayer changes a lot of things. I believe we (and certainty I) can do more of this. Writing them down after praying them in our minds or aloud can really put them deep in our  hearts.

7. Drawing or water coloring. Can't draw? Neither can I LOL. But I enjoy practicing.I also enjoy water coloring.
For My coloring faves click HERE for the round up list at the bottom. 

8. Create a mood board. I have magazine clippings on my office wall as a mood board. And I love looking at it. I though it'd be a wonderful idea to make mini mood boards in a journal.

9. Write down positive quotes. I am all about "putting good in, letting good out." We should all strive to bring more positive vibes in our lives. And that starts with our words. Write down positive words or quotes a few time a week.

10. Take notes on something you're interested in. We all have topics that stretch out brain muscles. Like, how the body works, life cycles of different animals, different places in the world etc. Why not learn something new? I think it'll help some of us that need to clear our minds of stress.

I hope you found one or more of these uses to be something you'd incorporate into your day. Check out the links below to get started on your next journal.Which use was your favorite? Lets chat in the comments.

For Printing Photo's from your phone I love my HP Sprocket
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