How to Stay Positive by Taking Care of "Self" This Summer

This past Spring I did something that I hardly ever do. I took care of my mind. I took care of me. A little. As a mom, we put so much into making sure the kids are alright that we forget to be an actual human ourselves. Even though I started simple tasks to keep my mind in [almost] perfect peace, I wanted to keep up during the simmer. Which we all know can be a bustle to survive the heat and keep the kiddos occupied.

I have made a promise to myself to keep up with my mental growth and physical health. You can totally join me. I wrote down 7 practices that I have been doing that make me happy and bring positive vibes to my life. Some that I may slack up with from time to time, some that I just want to do.  Write down 7 things that you'd like to do, or like to continue to do and make a better habit of them. We are not turning away from helping others, but we can't pour from empty cups.

Here are my 7.

1. Reading. I recently got "The Girl on The Train". I am very into it. Id like to get lost in a book more often. A few months ago I indulged in "Battlefield of The Mind" by Joyce Meyer. I was able to take a moment to quiet my mind and drift off on a different subject.
2. Journaling. Has always been a stress reliever for me. I think its an easy way to "let go". You should totally try it, if you haven't started a journal yet this year give it a go a few nights a week. And come back and tell me how sound you sleep. I often journal prayers. Those the are best entries to read back on.
3. Cleaning Routine. To know me is know to that I love to clean. My life has been better for it. No clutter, no built up junk, no dirty carpets. Just clean. Waking up to a clean house sets my day off right. I created a cleaning routine that works for me as a stay at home mom. I can go more in depth in a latter post if you'd like.

4. Hair Regimen / Skin Care. This is something I've always done. Only I get lazy sometimes and do the bare minimum. So this summer I am surly going to do the same hair care regimen every Sunday (my curly hair is fine with a once a week date;). I am going to put in the same effort each week. Also, I plan on creating a step by step skin care routine for day and night. I love a fresh face and I should continue with a routine to care for my skin, they way I know I should.

5. Quality Time with the Kids. This is something I sometimes give up on. Being that I home school my kids I find it hard to teach them, school them, tell the to do chores, ect....and then try and sit a play with them. I feel like they are tired of me, or maybe I need a break. Which I might. But I realized that during the school year teaching them and actually watching a movie with them is different time spent together. So, I need to incorporate a few moments of just fun with them. This will help me feel less guilty about needing time away and allow me to be present in my kids life while they want me close.

6. Moving Around More. I exercise most days. I do it to clear my mind, to see the the neighbors roll in from work, and listen to music. But during the summer I find that I slack off and notice that 'that' is a vital necessity in my day. I feel so much better about the rest of the night after I've gotten out and walked, or biked, or ran. So, If you've been feeling the need to move around and get your endorphins hyped, get out and get moving.

7. Creating. Being creative is just a part of me. It's in my blood and it would be a tragedy to disown a part of myself. So, I plan on creating in some way each day this summer. Or at least 3-4 days a week and I hope this habits sticks, because It energies me when I've created something.

 I have learned that its okay to take care of yourself so that you can effectively take care of your family and the people around you. Let me know in the comments your self care tips. I'd love to read them and start the conversation. Thank you for stopping by today, gorgeous! 

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