Everyday Eye Makeup Routine | Mommy Makeup | Quick Beauty Routine

My Favorite videos to watch on youtube are makeup tutorials. It's like art to me and I'm in love with the transformation that some artist can render with pigment and a brush. Now, my makeup collection is minimal. However, I love eye makeup products. Today I am taking you through my easy, everyday eye makeup look.

First. Eyebrows.

I fill my brows in with a dark eye brow powder from ELF. Using a tiny brush I just follow the existing outline.

the before and after is crazy LOL

Next I clean them up, using a wet Q tip I take a little off the top and the bottom to ensure that each brow is as even as possible. Then, I use an eyebrow brush to "loosen" the powder, so that they look more natural.

Now, for a little highlight on the brow bone. I use a fluffy brush and a beautiful golden highlighter by Hikari. The gold flecks in this highlighter were made for my skin tone. I love it so much.

Next, Curl my lashes and apply 2-3 coats of Wet N Wild mascara.  This one stays wet a little longer which gives me time to coat all the lashes before they dry up and get clumpy.
Now a little black eye line. I am using the Weylie X Pixie Beauty Black eye liner. Its the only one I own and I like that It's very dark.

And there you go. A few steps to add a little extra to my look. I'd love to know what your fave makeup items are. Do you love gloss, concealer? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for spending a few moments with me today, gorgeous.