How to Stay Positive by Adapting a Healthier Lifestyle | How To Lose 35 Lbs

We all hear and read about how people feel wonderful after they have had a wonderful workout session or after a nice bike ride or walk. Some think its a myth. Like, how can you feel energized and happier after you've just broke a sweat, after your legs feel like jello from squatting, after you've almost vomited from pushing yourself? I am here to tell you that the myth is actually true. Yup. I can tell you from personal experience that I have felt like moving mountains after a good workout. After experiencing my first "high" from a walk of about a mile (cause that's about all I could do) I wanted to keep at it. I wanted to see if I could go longer and feel even better. In doing so I lost 35 lbs and now I can walk for hours and even run too. I gained an abundance of positive vibes mentally. About life, about myself. I started to love my body rather than hate it. Incorporating better eating habits and moving a little more in your day is going to be so beneficial you are going to wish you started sooner. Here is what I did (and continue to do) to loose 35 lbs and bring on an amazing new wave of positivity in my life.
Current photo of me. I am not 100% where I'd like to be. In 2017 and before that I would have never willingly taken a photo like this. My confidence level is at its lifetime high!

1. Stopped eating things that make me feel bad.
There are so many foods that give me gas, keep me bloated, make my stomach feel terrible for days on end. I just cut them out. I stopped eating beef, hotdogs, fried foods all which made me feel heavy and sluggish.
Now, every blue moon I'll have something not so "good" but keep in mind, "everything in moderation". 

2. Eating whole foods.
Fruit, plain rice, baked potatoes, home cooked veggies, dried beans, fruit smoothies, oatmeal sauteed greens.
If I wanted something I'd find it in it's purist form. If I wanted pasta with sauce, I just made pasta. No more packaged pre-cooked foods. If I wanted muffins and cookies I made them myself. I know exactly what I'm putting in my food and how much. I cut down on eating things that had ingredients in them that I could not pronounce or find in the store. I ate the simplest of meals. I started to enjoy making my foods rather that popping a frozen dinner in the microwave.
Baked Buffalo Cauliflower. So yummy.

My Typical Meals
B- Oats, fruit smoothie, diced baked potatoes, eggs and toast.
(a combination of these through the week)
L- Rice, crock pot beans (lima, pinto, black ect.) Salads (with tones of chopped  raw veggies), bean burritos, veggie sandwiches.
D- Fish (a few times a month) more veggies, more rice or pasta, loads of baked french fries (my addiction).
I did cut out most meats. Occasionally having turkey and different sea foods during the month.  
And before you argue that rice and potatoes are "bad" and fruit has too much sugar in it, do your research. If these foods were "bad" I would have gained instead of lost.

3. Green tea became my favorite drink.
Green tea has so many benefits. It kept me energized and I believe that It lives up to its claims.
Google the benefits of green tea and you'll see what I'm talking about. I even use it in my hair. I have to add this in here because I feel a difference when I don't incorporate green tea in my day.
I'm not a nutritionist or doctor. I just know what worked for me and what I think you can try to see if  you like it. 

4. I drink my weight in water.
I drank water on top of water. On top of water. Plain. H2O. Our bodies need water and I made sure it got plenty of it. If you are one of those people that hate water, try adding fruit. Or even just sucking it up and throwing back a bottle. Think of it like medicine. How many times have you just chugged some nasty medicine to feel better? You'll get use to the benefits and forget the lack of taste.
Water can be medicine too.

5. I move around more.
Being 5'2 and over 200lbs I could hardly walk around the store without my knees hurting.
I hated the fact that my mind wanted to continue, my heart said go outside and play with your kids but my body in it's current condition could not. So, I started walking. 1 mile, 2 miles, then I hit a 5 mile target that made me sooo happy I called my mother in law to tell her. Now, my kids come inside before I want to and I have started to enjoy toning exercises from YouTube. This not only allowed me to burn calories and get my body use to being in motion again (lol) It helped clear my mind. I gained a love for nature that I never thought about having and I used this time to talk to God. I listen to music or podcasts and when the girls walk with me, we laugh and talk about dreams and so many things.  A new world had appeared before my eyes and I am eager to continue the sight.
This is one of my favorite photo's. I was finally able to sit with my legs crossed and by back straight. And it felt so good.

No matter what journey you are on in life we could always use more positive vibes. If you find yourself feeling down more than you know you should, find an exercise that you love doing. Make sure you like it so you can continue with it. Incorporate beautifully colored food into your diet. I am certain it will uplift your spirits.

If you are on a weight loss journey there is no time the present to make a change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve your self. It doesn't mean you don't love yourself either, don't listen to those that say otherwise. You can be the positive change in your own life, which will radiate to those around you. I hope you've enjoyed this post. What are some healthier choices you've made this year or want to make? Lets chat in the comments. Thanks for spending some time with me today.



  1. I am in love ! This is very inspirational .

    1. Hey Gorgeous.Thanks so much. I aim to inspire, so I am very happy to read this. Xo, Netra


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