Getting Ready For Summer | Summer Must Haves | Summer Shopping

I know I am not the only one who thinks the academic school year flew by.
It was just August, fresh paper and pencils.
Those tiny faces off to school (or homeschool) ready to work and play and work some more.
*insert dramatic sigh here*
Although, it was a wonderful few months since last summer, I am eager to see the hotter days roll in. Now, I'm an Autumn girl at heart but there are just a few things that are necessary for me to actually not totally "hate" Summer. Here are some faves to help you
and the littles
 Get Ready For Summer!

 1. Stylish eye wear.
2. Tanks for the kiddos. My girls LIVE in tanks during the summer.
3. A mini fan that sprays a mist of water. Talk about refreshing.
4. Cooling towels. They actually are pretty good for outside activities.
5. Some greenery for the home. And The cute little plant holders.
6. Canvas Totes. Cause you always need more room for more things.
7. Something cute for Mama. I love T Shirt Dresses. So effortless and comfy.
8. Pull on Shorts. No zippers or bottoms. Very convenient for the pool.
9. UV protecting umbrella. I never knew these existed until a little while ago.
10. Water shoes. I like to have these for the beach too.
11. Water balloons for when the kids "have absolutely nothing to do". LOL
12. Paper plates. Because you are enjoying a glass of wine so there's no time to do dishes. 
13. Rocker. You cannot possibly miss a Sunset show in the summer.

And, just like you are almost 100% ready for whatever the next couple of months
throw at you. Thanks so much for stopping by today.