8 Dress Styes That You Need This Summer | Summer Style | Fashion

Summer is underway! Although we've been spending most of our days in PJ's there are those times that we should actually get dressed (pun intended). For me, when it comes to summer style, dresses are the easiest to throw on and still look put together. There are quite a few styles to choose from. Thank goodness Georgia Summers are long. I am excited to share these style with you today. I personally love each of these styles. Each one for its own special time. I've got 8 to show you, lets get to it!

Its hard to choose a favorite style. I love a pretty  Floral Print and Lace dress. I am very into the button down dresses too. What is your go to style dress? Let's chat in the comments. All photos above are links. I picked out the best selction for you. And before I forget, Happy Summer, gorgeous.