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Kaiserstyle "Oasis" Planner Review

Its the start of a new week and that means setting goals, "to do" lists and errands.  We all need something to use and that has to be sufficient.   So, upon learning more about the Kaiserstyle Planners, I had to get one (or two). 
In order to give a full review,  I decided to actually use the beautiful "Oasis" Planner for one full week.
I am going to rate the planner by Looks, Price, Size, Usability, and Overall Feel.  Scoring 1-5 with 5 being the best. 
 Looks. 5 Its beautiful.  The leather is thick and durable. The print is beautiful.  Its right along the lines of stylish and chic. Perfect for the work environment.  There are 6 rings and they are a nice matte black.   It comes with

Twelve monthly dividers Sixty week spreads non-dated Twelve note pages One band closure  There is a pocket on the left inside flap.  I created this divider using paper and stickers.  The right flap doesn't have pockets, but I used it as a surface to write on.  It wraps around the …