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6 Tips for Creative Journaling featuring KaiserCraft "Wild Flower" Collection and Stamping

Happy Friday!  I have had a great week.  I have been running errands and making projects for content for you all.  BUT.  Today I just felt like playing in my journal! 
I had a scrapbook page for you today. However, I figured  you'd like a journal entry post first. 
First off here is the Page....

 So. You know I am going to give you some Tips. LOL
1. Pick a color scheme.  I try to find a paper collection that I am  liking at the moment and use those colors.  2. Stamps. Choose your faves. I went with florals and leaves.  3. Stamps in waterproof black ink first for those images  that you want to color in.   4. Layer colored inks with other stamps.  I like to use script or writing for this. 5. Then add water color detail around the page.  I used a water brush for this.  6. Now you can add some die cuts and stickers.  I only used a few here.
 I hope these quick tips were helpful.  You can use them as a jumping start with you are stuck  and really want to create.  As always Thanks for sto…