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Getting the Most Out of Your Journal

How to Start Creative Journaling 
Journals are not a thing of the past. In fact there are more journal users now, than when I was a young girl. However, its more than just pen to paper. I journal all about my fears and beliefs. I even journal about my wishes and dreams. A poem or two here and there. I know you have something to jot down. So why not get creative with?
 I am going to give you some tips and budget friendly ideas on how you can get more out of your journaling experience. 

First, you need a journal.
If you like an old school spiral notebook style,
I'd recommend the Spiral Planners by
 My Prima Planner.Yes, its a planner
but the spaces are large enough to write
 about each day. And add some decorative elements.

 7Gypsies has new spiral notebooks. They are really gorjuss.
They have a few different sizes to choose from.
I have the 5x7 size and its a perfect vintage style for my writings.

And then there are the Traveler's Notebooks.
Travel Notebooks are really HOT righ…