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Bible Scripture Writing

So as you know I have been going through different ways to use a planner for different things.  Click HERE to see my thoughts on  creating a "work" planner. Today I am showing you how I use a planner for scripture writing. 
First off. Why do I write scriptures? I thought that I could use some practice in handwriting. Yes, I am almost 30. Don't judge me. LOL  I could practice writing anything. But learning Gods words is also something I wanted to get on the ball with. So double duty. 
You could write what ever you want. Quotes, memorable moments from each day.  I am giving these ideas because you may like the idea of a planner.  Idea meaning: you like the decorations, tabs, stickers, stamping.  However, you make not need to plan your day to I am giving you ideas. 
Ok, so here is this weeks spread. I am writing scriptures on Love. I think I may take a few weeks on love. Last week It was Joy. 

I hope you like these ideas. Let me know if you have any questions.