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Watercolor With Me & Tips | Prima Princess Divider

Hey everyone. Happy Friday.  I am so happy for the weekend.  I am sharing a little watercolor project with you.  I love water coloring or coloring in general.  My most asked question: How do get so much dimension on your stamp projects? 
HERE is a link to today's watercoloring video. I am going to give some of my tips. I am still learning. I have not mastered hair like I want or anything LOL  but practice makes perfect.   Which is my first tip.  1. Practice your butt off. Get some large stamps.  Prima  has mastered this product so  I highly recommend them. I LOVE the Bloom Girl Stamps. The new Prima Princess stamps are wonderful.  Using a stamp allows you to stamp it over and over again. They also have coloring books that are on watercolor paper.  So, get some of those and start.  2. Watch Make-Up Tutorials on Youtube.  Yes. I know. But trust me. They help.  When the girls use darker foundation to add contouring to their cheeks  (noses, neck, boobs, ect) they are adding depth. Dimens…