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Why Do You Plan?

If you keep up with the crafting trends then you may  have seen the flood of Planner Decoration in the past year or so.  At first I did not understand the need to "plan".  I am a stay at home mom, I home school, I write poetry.  Nothing requiring me to "plan" it out.  But then, I decided to decorate a binder and use it to "jot down" my to do list. 
Long story short.... I am now hooked. 
To answer a few FAQ'S.  1. Why do you decorate your planner? 
I like to have a reason to use up all my supplies.  There's only so many cards a girl can make before she  gets tired of a certain paper pad. It allows me to use my  supplies on something other than the usual craft. 
2. How much do I spend on planning supplies? 
I don't buy much "planning" specific supplies.  I use papers that are mainly used for scrapbooking and card making.  I used stamps.  I use a few sticker packs that I just LOVE.  So about 75% of my "planning supplies" are …