How to Get Heatless Curls

Hello Gorgeous ! You know what they say,  "your day is only as good as your curls are".
Well I am not sure if they really say that, but Its gotta be true.
Today I am sharing my favorite way to get fluffy, easy curls. All with no heat and damage
to your beautiful tresses.
What you'll need
Hair Tie to section hair
Flexi Rods
Oil or your fave light weight Moisturizer
Gel or holding spray
(not Pictured) Spray bottle with a clean water 

I started on dry hair. For a loose fluffy curl. 
If you want a tight curl start on wet hair.
I separated my hair in medium sections. 
1. Spray each section with a tiny bit of water
2. Apply oil or moisturizer 
3. Apply Gel or holding spray 
 Place Rod in the middle of hair section.
 Roll bottom half of hair around the rod. 
Just like old school hair rollers LOL 
Make sure ends are smooth.
 Roll the rod the rest of the way up the section of hair. 
Fold one end of the rod on the top and the other end on the bottom. 
To create a "S".
                                                                               I put the biggest rods in the back. And the smaller ones in the front. 

I used a bonnet to sleep in. They are not that bad to sleep in. 
I am use to them not bad for me. 

In the morning open each rod. And twirl the rod off the hair section.
(I forgot to take these photos) 
I used a wide tooth comb to comb through each section, once! 

The curls after the day went on. More fluffy !!! lol 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. I love this style and 
it looks great. 
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