Summer Beauty Favorites

I have always wanted to do a beauty blog post 
to show you all my minimalist approach to 
beauty. So, what better way than to show you
my favorites from the summer. 

First we have the Wet and Wild Brushes 
and Highlighter Pallet in "Cat Walk Pink".
I love the brushes. They are soft and easy to clean. And how cute are they? 
I love the Highlighter colors I even dupe them as eye shadows.

Next, we have E.L.F's Mascara. 
Its cruelty free and doesn't leave my eyes irritated or  lash less. The price is pretty good too. 

  This next item is my all time favorite 
fragrance, ever. Rhianna's "Rogue Love".
 I feel so feminine when I have it on and it was so perfect for hotter days. Very crisp scent. The packaging is gorgeous too. 

Now, facial wipes are new to me. My skin is so sensitive, I am always terrified of break outs. But to my surprise these 
cheaper wipes worked well. They are at Big Lots for $2.00. LOL 
I know, don't skip out on the cheaper products. 
I have used pricier brands that have irritated my skin so much.  
I have grown to love a facial wipe in the heat. Sometime you 
just need something to wipe the sweat off. They smell wonderful too.

Lastly, whats a favorites post without a splurge item? This MK bag I have had for a while. But I started putting it to use this summer.
Girls, you need a spacious bag for the summer.
And Navy is slowly becoming my new favorite color !

 I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favorite 
beauty products are for the warmer 

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