Bible Journaling Starters Kit

As an adult I have needed guidance through many situations. 
Some major, some easily passed on. Through all, I knew, I needed Jesus. 
However, I had no idea how to get to him.

As a child we initially believed because our parents did. We believed because they told us to. 
Little did I know, they were sewing the seed, that would grow inside of me, for when I needed
to believe the most.
In the past 3 years I have developed this thirst for Jesus in my life. To know him, for myself.
Not through my parents, but Him and I. Just us two. And I can tell you that it has been my favorite 
encounter. My favorite love affair. I have learned to turn to him no matter what. 
I have learned that He loves me, to infinity and back again. And I have learned that I am not 
alive without Him. 

One practice that keeps me grounded in Jesus and helps me through it all is...
Devotional/Bible  reading and Journaling

I have collected some of the most beautiful Journals and devotionals
from around the web.
Materials that I think, will help keep you on track and keep that fire burning.

 The Daily Grace Co.
What They Offer: Bible Study's and devotionals, Journals, Planners and more. 
Well Watered Women 
What They Offer: Journal's, Study's, apparel, Stationery and more

Cultivate What Matters
What The Offer: Write The Word Journals, Motivational Books, Goals Setting Products and More.

Horacio Printing 
What They Offer: Planners, Notebooks, Prints and More.
I added this company in my list because they are a faith based company
and I love that their planners are designed with Christians in mind.
Photo: Cred
 Illustrated Faith 

 These products are new to me. But I included them for the creatives in mind.
What They Offer: Products to decorate bible journal pages and bible notes, planners and more. 
You may be interested in the Devotional Kit HERE 
and/or Supply Kits HERE

I hope this post was helpful to you in some way.
If you are looking to start a devotional or journal about your day
or bible readings bookmark this post to look back on.

Before you go....
Check out my first book HERE 
Poems that I wrote before finding my way back to God's word.  
My second book HERE
Poems of inspiration and thoughts to the Lord.

Let me know some ways that help you get through
 tough times in the comments below.
I'd love to hear from you.