Traveler's Journal Entry

A few days ago I shared some tips and idea on 
how to get started with creative journal. 
Today I am sharing with you a completed page. 
I haven't added my words yet but I still wanted to share. 

My Thought Process 

I picked one side to be "heavy". 
Heavy meaning more stuff on it. LOL 
Id doesn't matter the side, just remember 
you are going to want to write a little, so save your 
stickers, pictures and things for one side or one general area. 

From there I just added stuff. Literally. 
I picked stickers and paper that already matched. 
I kept my pictures small. No larger than 3 x  2.

Next Journal entry I'll use stamps and watercolor. 
I hope you like this short post. I just wanted to give an example
of a quick journal page. 
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