Building Your Adult Coloring Stash for the Summer

Adult Coloring as they call it, has been a hot topic. I just call it coloring. 
I'm still a kid at heart and I know lots of you are too. 
 So, today I'm sharing: What to color, what to use and what to do with it
when you are done. 
Picture overload in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 

What: Prima Coloring Dividers. 
What To Use: Watercolor Pencils for the ones on watercolor paper. 
Colored pencils or paint for the ones on cardstock.
What to Do with It: Add it in a binder or planner. 
The One colored is on water color paper. I think using watercolor 
pencils are best. Any brand will do. 

 What: "Color at Home" Coloring Book 
What to use: Light watercolors 
or Crayola Colored Pencils. 
What to do with it: Get inspiration to decorate or rearrange your home.

What: Prima's "Princess" Watercolor #2 Book
What to use: Watercolor paints, acrylic paints or watercolor pencils.
What to do with it: Frame them Of course and hand them out as gifts. Or use on your work desk or in the home.

I absolutely LOVE these prints. They are beautifully drawn. The artist truly captured the beauty of women from all around the world.
 What: Prima Stamps
What to use: Regular colored pencils.
What to do with it: Anything !
Cut them out use them for cards, glue them in journals or note books. Have fun.

I love stamps. I am addicted. I admit it. LOL 
They are great if you need to practice. 

Tip: Stamp in Archival Ink on White Card Stock 

Or Stazon (the best water proof ink) on watercolor paper. 

What: Planner Dividers (that come with your Prima Planner)
What to use: Water colors with a water brush. 
What to do with it: After you've used it in your planner, 
cut the holes and tab off and use as patterned paper. 
I created some wall art. 

So there you have. Lots of goodies and ideas for your new summer hobby. 
 I hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoy photographing these beautiful products for you. 
There are many (many) options on the market. Just shop around and get what 
you truly love. 

Links to things Shown 

Prima Dividers  ON Sale
Other Watercolor pencils  Use Code CEHJ for 10%off
Bloom Girl Stamps (also my favorite)
Crayola (yes, they are perfect for practicing) 
Videos using crayola pencils HERE
Strathmore Watercolor paper (the best Ive used)
White Card stock (not too thick, works pretty good)
Some Coloring Tutorials  
Water Brush 
Ranger Paint Brushes (I used these ALL the time)