Travelers Notebook Decoration "Picnic"


Yesterday was our first time using this picnic basket. 
I got it at a yard sale for under $5. Brand New. 
So, on a whim we took lunch outside. It happened to be 
a very good day. 

I decided to document about it in my Travelers Notebook. 
I also filmed the process. It's so fun adding memories in a notebooks style journal. No fuss, just fun.
You can watch this spread come to life
in video HERE

 Here is the final spread. I used a lot of stamps and inks.
A few die cuts and that's all.
Now its ready for my words. A simple photo to tell the story.
 I am happy with these pages. Can't wait to document more.
What are you documenting currently? A recent trip?
Let me know in the comments. 
Here's What I Used