Getting the Most Out of Your Journal

How to Start Creative Journaling 

Journals are not a thing of the past. In fact there are more journal users now, than when I was a young girl. However, its more than just pen to paper. I journal all about my fears and beliefs. I even journal about my wishes and dreams. A poem or two here and there. I know you have something to jot down. So why not get creative with?
 I am going to give you some tips and budget friendly ideas on how you can get more out of your journaling experience. 


First, you need a journal.
If you like an old school spiral notebook style,
I'd recommend the Spiral Planners by
 My Prima Planner. Yes, its a planner
but the spaces are large enough to write
 about each day. And add some decorative elements.

 7Gypsies has new spiral notebooks. They are really gorjuss.
They have a few different sizes to choose from.
I have the 5x7 size and its a perfect vintage style for my writings.

And then there are the Traveler's Notebooks.

Travel Notebooks are really HOT right now. I have to say that
 I am in love with them as well.
The idea is that you can reuse the leather (or faux leather)
covers and just change out the Paper Notebooks inside.
You can add multiple notebooks in each Leather cover.
 Talk about organization. The note books on the inside are just stapled or sewn paper, folded in half. Easy to remake and/or inexpensive to replace. Pictured is the 
                                                "Jet Setter" travel notebook by Prima.  

Now, we must decorate it. 

Now when it comes to decorating I say stick to stickers and die cut packs. If you already have craft supplies such as stamps and inks or a die cutting machine you already have everything you need. 
Find some die cuts packs that you truly love. My favorites at the moment are by Tim Holtz. These packs are also called Ephemera and are always a wonderful price.

I like to decorate my journal pages first. Add a few stickers around the page. No fuss. 
I am partial to stamps. I love them. If you are just starting a collection, my number one tip is to buy smart. If you think a set is cute make sure you'll use all the stamps in it. 
I have come across many sets that I like but there were about 2 stamps in it that I would not use. So, pass on those. I really like Prima stamps, Graphic 45 always has the best  sets and Tim Holtz
If you like a more "cutesy" style try Lawn Fawn or Hero Arts. 
When it comes to ink get your all time favorite colors. Try to find one in ever color family. 
Get a pink shade, a blue, a green ect.  
There are soo many inks. I have only used Memento Inks, Tim Holtz Distress Inks and 
Color Philosophy by Prima.(lowest Price ever)
These are my favorite inks and they work very well.
The colors are vibrant and I highly recommend. 

I know that was alot to read. I hope it was helpful to you. 
Let me know if you have any questions. 
All underline words are links in case you want to see exact products. 
Most things linked are ON SALE
I'll be posting more how to's and step by steps this week. 
So, stay tuned.