My Work Planner

For the next few weeks I'm going to share ways on using a planner. 
Not everyone has a true need for a planner. Lots of people have asked "well why do I need a planner". Today I am going to show you a wonderful set up for a work planner. 

Its the My Prima Planner "In the Moment". I received this planner this past weekend, I thought it would be a wonder work planner me. Since I work from home, I make my own schedule and I have lots to write down. This set up is perfect for that. 
This is how I have decorated the page for this week. 
I used Ephemera and Journaling cards from Prima Marketing's Love Clippings collection. 
It is a very sophisticated collection. Perfect for a more elegant look.  
Off to the side I can add my goals for the week. 
things like: Create a networking relationship, post 3 or 4 blogs this week,  are all goals that I may have on my mind but putting them down will keep the in the forefront.

By Thursday we are all a little ready for the weekend so I added a pick me up stickers that says
You Got This ! 

I used stamps and ink for things that will happen all the time. Keeps from needing to write 
"Meeting". I used the Frank Garcia Planner stamps. (linked below) 

I do love the new Prima Marketing Inks. You just have to get them going a little. 
I pressed the lid in a few times to do this. 
They are brand new and the colors are

If you are in the market for a work planner this set up is nice. 

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