My Week In Planners

Hey everyone! Each week I am sharing my planners with you all. 
Today I am sharing the decoration for 2 spreads. 
First up is one I did My Prima Planner!
I was blessed with the opportunity to do a LIVE show on their Facebook.  
On the show I shared an easy way to color the backgrounds of your Planner Dividers. 
I love coloring my dividers this way because it gives me so much 
motivation through out my week. I am more inspired to get things done
as I open my planner to see what needs to be done. 
I get to look at beautiful, uplifting, vibrant things all day.  
We all need more of this in our lives!
 Here is the first divider that I colored using the technique. 
You can view the video HERE

Here is a list of products that I have used