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Hey everyone. Happy Friday. 
I am so happy for the weekend. 
I am sharing a little watercolor project with you. 
I love water coloring or coloring in general. 
My most asked question: How do get so much dimension on your stamp projects? 

 HERE is a link to today's watercoloring video.
I am going to give some of my tips. I am still learning. I have not mastered hair like I want
or anything LOL 
but practice makes perfect.  
Which is my first tip. 
1. Practice your butt off. 
Get some large stamps. 
Prima  has mastered this product so 
I highly recommend them.
I LOVE the Bloom Girl Stamps. The new Prima Princess stamps are wonderful. 
Using a stamp allows you to stamp it over and over again.
They also have coloring books that are on watercolor paper. 
So, get some of those and start. 
2. Watch Make-Up Tutorials on Youtube. 
Yes. I know. But trust me. They help. 
When the girls use darker foundation to add contouring to their cheeks 
(noses, neck, boobs, ect)
they are adding depth. Dimension. They are creating shadows. 
You want to do that when you are coloring your images to render a 3D effect 
on a flat image
3. Get some good brushes. 
I don't like using water brushes. They don't allow you to control your water usage. 
They have a steady drip of water. These are good for washes of color. Or for things
like flowers, landscapes. Images where you don't want too much defined color. 
But for faces. Use a brush and a cup of water.   

4. Find Your Style. 
I always stress to people that every style is different. 
What comes naturally for you is what you should do. If you don't find it natural to 
add color after color. Don't do it. But if you love the soft beauty of a color wash 
do that. Its beautiful. You'll perfect that style and learn other ways to 
add what you want along the way.
 All art is beautiful. It comes from with in.

Quick Step by Step: 
1. start with a base color. For darker skin I use a peach mixed with a tiny bit of brown. 
Color your image all over with this. For lighter use a nice bright pink. 

 2. make that color a little darker. Add more brown. Color this on the darker areas. Where there will be shadows. i.e. around the hair line, nose, cheeks. 
Don't just start with  brown. Remember you want a 3D effect. Not one flat brown. 

HERE is a link to today's water coloring video. 

One thing that you do need is a quality paper, when water coloring or pencils or markers. 
You don't need expensive materials to start off
My stash as grown over the past 
years. I did not start off with the "cream of the crop"
 I have used Crayola colored pencils and
 they gave me the same quality as the above image.  

Next Week I'll share my tips about hair, and adding makeup !  
Then, I'll move on to tips for coloring with colored pencils. 
I hope you enjoyed. 

Products that I have used for water coloring and Loved

This paper is great for stamping with water proof ink and watercolor.
Watercolor Paper  

Prima Watercolor Confections Watercolor pans
I also LOVE using Tim Holtz Distress Reinkers to water color 
Tim Holtz Inks  
Watercolor cakes, I used these all up LOL 
Water Proof Ink