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Where Do You Keep Your Memories?

As a month rolls away and the 1st of another is upon us, I wondered if I had kept enough memories in the past weeks. Sure I snapped some photo's. But did I truly capture all the moments?  You can never capture all memories in a photo, but they are in out hearts. For those un-photoed memories we jot them down in a notebook of some sort.  For the ones that we were so blessed to snap a picture of, they are stored in an online album,  or we must scroll to find them.  Do we still print those moments to add to the family album ?  Isn't it more fulfilling to turn the pages and touch the photos?   I think so. Not everyone is a scrapbooker.  So, adding pretty paper or stickers may not make it to all albums. And That's OK.  But we should still take the time to print a few and collect them in one space.  A tangible space.  I love going over a family members house to look through all the old photo's.  The ones with the writing and scratches. The sepia colored ones.  Even the one…