Prima's Watercolor Confections with Netra

 Happy hump day !! 
I hope this week has been going well for you so far. 
I wanted to do a mini review on 
Prima's Watercolor Confections and share my thoughts. 

First off the packaging is really nice. 
I feel like a professional to say the least. 
I decided to get "Decadent Pies". 
It has a nice range of earthy like tones and wonderful for skin tones. 

As far as the color, its really rich. Very concentrated and easy to blend. 
It is not that easy to layer on color. 
I water colored this image with the "Decadent Pies" Set. 
I mixed a Navy Blue, light spice and a Red color to get the brown tones. 
I had to add color pencil for the darker shading you see. 
So They will pair nicely with the Prima Water color Pencils. 
I added  some Vintage Emporium Flowers called Opera to the bloom girls hair.
She came out beautiful. 

This a picture that I free handed. First time doing that (go easy on me) 
I only used Blues. I had to allow the paper to dry completely to get the darker
blue tones. Still you can't beat that color payoff. So vibrant. 

Here I added some Foiled words that say "Kindness is Beautiful". 
I used the Adhesive Rub obns and Foiled Sheets also from Prima. 
You can't achieve an outstanding watercolor look. 
Just add more water to allow the color to bleed 
effortlessly. Sit back and enjoy the work being done for you. 
Also, another free handed piece.

So all in all I love the Confections. Although the formula would not let me 
build up color on top of another they are still worth getting and will 
be a great addition. I can't wait to get other colors tins !!! 

Xo, Netra

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