DIY Beauty | Avocado Hair Mask

1. Half Ripe Avocado
2. 1/2 cup coconut milk  
3. 2 table spoons of your fave hair oil. 

***Blend to a smooth consistency *** 

 On wet, detangled and sections hair, smooth mixture in. 
I put each section  in a little bun. Put on a shower cap.

 If you have any left over and a willing participant this doubles 
as a great face mask too.

 After about 45 minutes this is my hair and face after the face mask dried. LOL 
Rinse really well and style as usual.

 This is my hair about half way dry. 
I like the over all shine and look of my hair. 
It felt instantly moist. My face felt the same way after the mask. 

I will do this again maybe twice a month or so.