Introducing the "Lev Val" Stationery Collection

I have been working very hard on something that has 
been a dream of mine for years. 
My passion in life is to create and send handmade gifts and 
inspiration as much as possible. 
I decided to marry the two. 
And so, Xo, Netra was born. 
I want every one to feel the love when they 
open a product from my stationery line. 
I want to thank everyone that has 
helped me get this off the ground. I want to thank God for 
giving me the dream and guided me through each step. 

With the Scandinavian interior design style in mind
I  have come up with the
 Lev Val (Swedish)  Stationery Collection. 
Lev Val English Translation means "Live Well". 

It is the first of many Hand drawn and Painted designs. 
With the working, living, dreamer in mind I have 
created a functional set of stationery goods that are 
curated for you to plan your days and keep track of memories 
in order to strive for your unique definition of living well. 

I have to say that nothing makes me happier than giving. 
So, here and now I give you, from my heart, soul, and hands the 
art of how I have started to "Live Well". 

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