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A Faith Booster

This is my inspirational journal.  This is where I will place all the things that inspire me. Pictures, quotes, bible verses. This pictures was a wonderful starting point. I thought how beautiful this tree was. Standing there with no one around. Yet beautiful on it's own. Have you ever thought or wondered about how everything that God makes is beautiful without us. Take the sunset for example. We live to get the perfect Instagram shot of a candy colored sky because Its soo beautiful. No matter how many shots we take each one is different. The waves of the ocean and the sandy beaches are breathtaking, all without us. These beauties only exists because of Him. He made us too you know? Our lives can be just as beautiful, but only through God. This was a faith booster for me. I know that I can put my life completely in his hands and he will make it beautiful the way He sees fit, in his own time. Look at his track record. He has never failed before. He wont fail me. he can take my lif…