This Week.....Goals, Inspirations.

 I have declared that this week will be Productive.
I realize that there are a few hours in the day that I cannot account for. But on the opposite side of that there are ALWAYS things that I forgot to do, or put of doing. So, I am going to try to do a few more things in my day. NO matter how small.

Today I removed the old coverings from the door windows and added removable contact paper. So on the inside of the house we see a pretty pattern and on the outside you see white. That was small. But I added it to my list, and checked it off.

This is my planner decorations for the week. I used
an old Prima 
paper collection to make the blank pages pretty. 
I also add lots of uplifting 
words in my planner. To keep me going, and inspired. 

 I made these cute paper clips. I love the patterned bird. He makes me smile.
 I am also trying a NO meat lifestyle. Now, I know, what a drastic change. But, my health would benefit from it. I was sooo sick about 2 nights ago. And that was not the first time. So, I am just deciding not to put my stomach through that again. These photos come from a magazine. Fruit and veggies. And a sweet cow ! Which brings me to my next reason. Animals are friends, not food. That is just my realization. This will be a work in progress, so, so far, so good. 
 Here are just some photos of my bible journal.
After finding a verse(s) that speaks to me, I write it down. I also write my understanding of it. Decorating it is just a bonus. This is the most therapeutic thing that I have ever done. It keeps me alert and alive. Wanting more of God's presence. So try it. If you are not up to decorating just write it down. I only decorate to get rid of some of my scrapbooking supplies. So, its a win win.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my views of this week. What are some of your goals or realizations this week ?? 


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