Arrows and Feathers

This week for me has been mostly laundry and homeschool. 
I have grown to look at laundry like a marathon. Each load. One lap. Friday.
 Marathon complete. So, it's not that bad anymore. 
I even time myself how quickly I can get a load washed, dried, folded and put away. 
Homeshool is fun all the way around. This year I have a 2nd grader and a 4 year old 
who I am teaching a Kindergarten curriculum.Updates to follow.

These past few days have been still. Nooo. Not in a literal way. But my thoughts and feeling. 
I have this feeling of "Ready". You know that feeling you get when you have packed your lunch bag? 
Or packed for vacation? Everything checked off. AND you are just ready to Go? I have had THAT feeling
all week. I don't know why. I have been praying and reading my bible. And just spending my mornings
with God. Maybe he is getting  me ready for something.... mentally. 

In a crafty since.
I have been making lots of  "Tribal" "Worrier" crafts if you will. 
Sorry to my Instagram followers who may be a bit "done" with those crafts LOL. 
Here are some photos of some of the designs. 
AND a poem. Yes. A poem. I wrote it. Its not a lost art. 

As always, Thank you for stopping by. 
Here's to all of us that are "READY". For something. 

Arrows and Feathers

My obsession with tribal things and battle gear has grown.
I can’t go out and buy any of it, so I have been making my own.

There is something about gathering, cutting, and tying.
It’s like I’m getting ready for something, no more crying.

I believe that everything in life is a symbol.
And since I’m preparing when it hits me I won’t tremble.

God gets you ready for all types of weather, and for some reason
I have been making places of rest, arrows and feathers.