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Ode To Summer

Ode To Summer

We wait for you like the rooster to morning, though you drag our days.
You only last a few weeks but the ocean depends on you for its waves.
Your dungeon is lit like lights to Christmas trees, the clouds show up very little to offer a sweet breeze.
Pools are filled with crystal clear water, the children are eager to float on your shoulders.
You bring us great joy to bask in your glory, but your welcome is worn out so Fall please hurry.

Yours Truly,
DeNetra Bates.

Exciting Things to Share

I am so super excited (and still shocked)  that I am a Guest Design Team Member for Limor Webber !!  This team is packed with talent and I am happy to be apart. Congrats DT Sisters !!!

Here are some of my favorite Mixed Media Projects. I can't give you a post with out something pretty to look at. Well you have my photo (lol Just Kidding)  Thank you for stopping by.  I Love you All !!!