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Adventures in Home Schooling: Sight Word Practice

Hey all. I want to share a fun way that we practiced our sight words today.
This school year is the first year that I have home Schooled.
My Morgan is 6 and in Kindergarten.

Sight words are very easy for her. Normally. I think the long holiday has put her in a trance because Morgan was having the hardest time with this weeks words.

So I got out the Dolls. Morgan loves dolls. She is playing with Monster High dolls as I type this. LOL.

I gave each doll a sight word. She was smiling as I did this. She was eager to "play".
Needless to say she got all but one right. "once".

I also made up sentences  with each word in it and gave them to the dolls too. She read each one very well.
So, she will have to write "once" a few more times. But this was a fun way to learn.
Special thanks to: Baby Alive, Saige, Cady, Elle, Rose, and Tory  And my 2 year old Sidney for letting us use her bed. 
More home schooling stories to come.
Thanks for reading.