Teach Me Tuesday

 I have been wanting to start blogging about homeschooling for a while.
It is apart of my everyday life and I love it so much.
I am going to try to be consistent and share some things about teaching my girls with you each week. 
Since I make a lot of worksheets on my own I will share those as well. 
Morgan is in 1st grade and Sidney is 3. Everything will be based on their levels.

We will start with Sight words. One thing that I love, but Morgan not so much LOL
We have used so many things to help her with sight words. She does well with them, she just hates them. 

This week her Sight Words are pretty long, like People and Because.
This made her shy away pretty fast. She has master the spelling and the reading of most smaller words so it is time to move on.

I came up with the idea
of writing these little stories with the Sight Words throughout. She actually loves these ! 
Maybe because I wrote them. I don't know. They are only a few sentences long.
Sometimes I will open them up on the computer and allow her to read from the screen
and type on the document. Its a fun little few minutes.

Below is the Story for her sight words this week.
Sight Word Story Here

I uploaded this PDF to Google sharing so everyone should be able to view it and use it !
If you want to share on your site or social media please link it back here thanks.
Comment below if you use it, let me know what you think. 
That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
Happy learning.

***all files were created by me DeNetra Bates. Please be kind and do not share it as your own. All words and stories were written by me. Thank you.