Teach Me Tuesday: Preschool Letter Introcdution for 3 year olds

Welcome to another Teach Me Tuesday !
I hope you all have started this week off with a bang. 
If you have not, that's okay, you can always do it today ! Or tomorrow lol 
In the mean time I have a Preschool blurb to talk  about today. 

So, I have an eager to learn 3 year old at my house.
I am so loving it though. She wants to know everything.

 Right now Sidney knows letters A - J.
This week we are learning K and L.
Some think its better to do one letter each week. I guess I am optimistic, we do two. 
On Monday I use the Starfall website to help with the
phonics portion of the letters.The site is very cute and engaging.
On Tuesday we move on to "finding" it.
Or recognizing it.
I do this by simply mixing many letters up and having her circle what ever letter.
She likes this. A lot. lol. She moves so fast. Then we write it.
We still go over all the other letters and sounds. We also go back to Starfall.
On Wednesday we use buttons or pasta to make the letter. We also start to trace and write.
When tracing I use a highlighter. After about 3 highlighted traces I draw a box where Sidney can try the letter for herself.
Thursday and Friday we just recap. We redo all activities. Nothing fussy or "professional". 

Teaching letters is easy. The hard part though can be writing it. Sometimes
they have a hard time with how big  the letter should be. And of course it could
come out backwards. This takes time. Just be patient.

With numbers we usually just introduce them and count.
We are on number 6 right now. Numbers seem to come easier than letters.
Here is a worksheet that I make up each week. Its very simple.
It helps with number recognition and counting. 

Well that's it for now. I will try to add pictures to these post.
Thanks for stopping by.
I love you all !