Some DIY thoughful Gifts....and Packing.

Hey guys. Netra here. I hope you all are doing well. 
Thursday is upon us....and I am ready for the weekend. Lots of crafting ahead for me. 
Today I want to share with  you some easy and cute ideas for small tokens of love ! 
I love giving. Time, help, money (If I can), small gifts. 
These idea are not my own. They are from inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube.... 
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First thing up is an altered can ! How "grande" is that ? lol. 
 Very simple. But super cute. You could make a set of these
as a gift for someone with a home office. Very useful and thoughtful. 

Next are some gift  bags. They can be filled with anything. Candies, homemade baked goods. 
The packaging is what make the gift (and giving) an experience.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. 
If you create some hand made "Gift Experiences"  please share. 
Thank you for stopping by. I love you all ! 

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