Comparison / Review: Journey Girl and American Girl Dolls

So, you all may know that I love Dolls. My Daughters do to. 
One doll that we have been drooling over is the American Girl. 
We were BLESSED with one December (2013). 
The only other 18 inch dolls that we have are the Journey Girl Dolls from toys R Us.  
So here is my comparison / review of the two dolls.  

Journey Girl Doll($32.00).......American Girl Doll ($110)

The Journey girls are taller than the AG's. They are thinner too. I was able to get the Journey girl into Sagie's Meet dress but the shoes did not fit at all, they were too big. Also the AG could not fit into any of the Journey girl pants...I had to squeeze Saige into this dress lol. 

I will always think that the Journey Girl dolls have the prettier faces than all other 18 inch dolls. But there is something about the AG dolls that take me away lol.  I still dont see the Price ($110) for the AG. Saige's wig has so many issues with it. there are short sections all over it. The texture of the Journey Girls hair is different from AG. They both have super nice quality. I have other Journey girls that I love. Had them for almost 2 years and the hair is still nice just as the first day I got them. 

The legs are fine. A little wobbly but Saige's legs are little wobbly too. One thing that I love about the AG is that the eyes close. Journey girls eyes dont. But they have more realistic eyes and lashes. Also there are  about 50 different AG's to choose from. If not a few more. There are only 6 Journey girl dolls. There are ways to customize dolls...but that's another story. Journey Girl Dolls heads move up and down and side to side, they can also slant. AG's only move side to side. But that is not a big deal.  

 So to sum this up....Journey girl dolls are awesome. The price is one I would pay over and over again ($32.00). They are beautiful dolls. AG's are special in their way. Saige has grown on me...alot.  I can see myself buying one here and there, once a year even. But only for a child that knows how to care for their things. I would hate to spend 110 on a doll only to find a leg without a body.

Okay hope you enjoyed my little review ! Let me know what you think !!!