Adventures in Home Schooling: Sight Word Practice

Hey all. I want to share a fun way that we practiced our sight words today.
This school year is the first year that I have home Schooled.
My Morgan is 6 and in Kindergarten.

Sight words are very easy for her. Normally. I think the long holiday has put her in a trance because Morgan was having the hardest time with this weeks words.

So I got out the Dolls. Morgan loves dolls. She is playing with Monster High dolls as I type this. LOL.

I gave each doll a sight word. She was smiling as I did this. She was eager to "play".
Needless to say she got all but one right. "once".

I also made up sentences  with each word in it and gave them to the dolls too. She read each one very well.
So, she will have to write "once" a few more times. But this was a fun way to learn.
Special thanks to: Baby Alive, Saige, Cady, Elle, Rose, and Tory 
And my 2 year old Sidney for letting us use her bed. 

More home schooling stories to come.
Thanks for reading.


  1. I can't wait to hear more stories! Something that I found helped my daughter with reading, spelling and grammar was letting her text. She gets to keep in touch with her family and friends and she's learning without even realizing it. (btw it's me LelloScrapper from yt) :D


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