Energy to Burn

Hey everyone. 
Today I am sharing what I ate yesterday
I will say that I only ate 1,000 Calories. and I was full 
after every single meal !! OMG...
It is very hard to eat a 2,000 or 2,500 calorie diet on veggies and fruit only.
You have to eat ALOT
For breakfast I ate my usual RAW Oatmeal Cereal. 

For lunch I only had fruit ...and  I got so full after eating the mango I could hardly finish 
my orange. I drank that bottle of water in one gulp right after.
If you decide to an all Fruit and Veggie diet be prepared to go to the bathroom.
That's all im going to say about that LOL 

I did lots of moving around too. I cleaned a lot and played with the kids. 
In between meals I drink water. And LOTS of it. I have a 20 oz water bottle...and fill that up 
at least 5 times a day...I try to beat my record from the day before. 

For dinner I had a veggie plate. and Salad. 
 I have lots of energy today. I know it would be a benefit from eating this way...but 
I was waiting on it. So today it is here ! 
I have not weighted myself since my first initial weight I'll wait to that on Sunday.

I hope you have a great day today. 
Thanks for reading. 
I love you all !