Prima Liftime "Soft Mixed Media" Card

Hey everyone. I have been creating to my heart desires.
 I have had the Lifetime collection By Prima in my stash and have not used it. (GASP) 

I have lots of new papers in my stash that I have not gotten around to using. 
But anyhow. I wanted to do something a little mixed media.

 A soft mixed media if you will. It seemed to come natural to me to something soft. 
When I try to over do it I don't like it much. 
So Soft Mixed Media is something I can do...and Learn to love. 

I hope you like the card.
Details will be below.
Thank you for stopping by. 
I love you all !

Some Supplies
Paper: Prima's Lifetime 
Chipboard Key: Lifetime Chip pieces 
Metal: Finnabar Metal Flowers by Prima 
Bling Prima
Flowers: Wild Orchid Crafts
Camera: Prima's wood embellishments

The Process
I white washed the papers. I used white paint and added lots of water..
.this way the color of the paper
still shows through but cloudy like. 
very shabby looking. 
I inked the edges with black soot distress stain
The Metal piece was cut in half...and then I cut that half in half. I did not want to add
the whole thing in one spot. So I cut it up to stretch it. 
The "texture" is a mix of dry plaster, white paint, and modpodge. 
I patted it on the paper then took a random stamp and pressed it into it.
 Let it dry over night.  


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