Inspired Stamps Tutorial: Gift Packaging

Hey Everyone ! I have a easy yet fun idea to share with you. Christmas is around the corner, and I want to show how to dress up simple and sweet gifts for family and friends. 

Round Box 

 Cut a strip of paper to 4 x 11 1/2 
score it every 1/4 inch

accordion fold it 
 Glue the ends together (it should look like a tube)
Roughly trace the tube on to some paper...cut our your does not have to be perfect

also cut out a strip of paper that is 1 inch by 11 1/4 
fold it in half
cut slits down one half 

Glue the flaps from you strips under the circle (as shown) 
Some flaps will overlap...that is okay :) 
You should end up with this....
You can glue your above "lid" to the inside or out side of your tube....
this creates and bottom....

Here is the finished project...

Candy Pouch

this one is super easy....
Cut out to same sized squares 
place candy in the middle...
 Glue or sew all sides together....
Here is the finished cute...
Tulle Wrapped Box

I made a can make any size you wish..
and just wrap it with adds such an elegance...
...sentiment can be found HERE...

Here are the measurements for my long box.... 
cut 2 sheets to 4 x 7
take one of those sheets and do the following 
 (with the 7 inch side at the top)
score:  6 on both side and on the other 6 1/8
(with the 4 inch side at the top)
score: 3 on both sides  and on the other 3 1/8

the bigger of the 2 is the lid... 

I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by. 
I hope that you have gotten some fun ideas from me today. 
Have a wonderful day ! 



  1. What great ideas, DeNetra! Thanks for the tutorials on them! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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