Doll Stuff

hey guys. So I have recently gotten into dolls. Doll crafts, clothes, rooms and house, hair...It has become a obsession really. I really would love to get my hands on a PULLIP doll. It's a 12 inch doll...made by a company in Japan, I think. They are beautiful. I also want an 18 inch doll. American Girl Dolls are number one on my list but the price has a second choice neck and neck...the Journey Girls from Toy's R Us ! All in all...dolls are I just want to dress them and do the hair...I will leave the imagination portion to my Morgan my (4 year old). She has about 25-30 Barbie sized dolls. Justin B. and A couple of the Princesses are her fav's. She also has the inter set of Tinker Bell and her Friends.  I hope to add to her collection and get her ( and me) an 18 inch doll. I want to share some sewing projects I made..I love to sew...and Morgan likes to change the Barbie clothes....Thank you all for stopping by today and reading...I hope you don't mind my post about dolls. 
I love you all.

***I didn't use a pattern for any of these designs. I made the pieces big enough to fit the doll but small enough so that there isn't a closer needed. Everything slips on and off easy..but doesn't fall off during play. I use a Singer Simple Machine...its at wal Mart and its not that much in price. If you have any questions let me know !