Hello and Update !!

OMG !!! Hey guys ! it has been forever ! But for good reason...the baby is here...well shes been here for 4 weeks now...wow time flies ! she was 6lbs 30z of pure joy !!
now she 7lbs she likes her milk...lol
her name is Sidney Mae and Morgan cannot get enough of her.

i cant believe how different she is from Morgan as a baby. any how things are good.
I have not been crafting ... i feel depressed for it too.....but then again having a baby in the house
has been bliss and i love being a mommy of 2 !

Im sorry to all my crafty friends for not communicating with you...i just have not been my self...
but things are looking up. i have missed you all !!!

here is a picture of Morgan in some shirts i made out of some old jeans of mine....my sewing has
gotten better so im happy about that.

Hope every one is well...have a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful. Congratulations on your sweet daughter.

  2. Beautiful pictures of your daughters..and congrats!
    I hope you can get crafty soon again!we love to see you again on sketchesforyou..

  3. Hi Denetra, i just saw your blog and read that your baby is there, wowww CONGRATS!!!
    And she´s sooo sweet!
    I really like to send you some mail from the Netherlands for the 2 love´s of your live, can you give me your adress and such?
    Creative greetings from the Netherlands,

  4. both of your girls are absolutely beautiful de nitra


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